New Landscaping Company

Many of us at Overlook have been eagerly waiting for a new Landscaping company or at least to have one that did more than blow off the pavements and walkways. Some residents were more patient than others but we all were hoping for an improvement. 

Finally in August 2015, we hired Seasonal Solutions and they have been steadily making improvements as you have probably noticed. We had hoped to hire them last spring when some very noticeable improvements could have been made, but we waited to be more certain of some other priorities first (Painting, litigation, etc…). Next spring we’re hoping for improvements such as a ‘renewal pruning’, which will cut back all the accumulated overgrowth and allow our plants to thrive. We also hope to do something more definite with our kudzu problem.

Some specific extra tasks have been requested and we have gotten estimates and some were already completed. Please try to remain patient as we work through the requests and try to place a reasonable priority to them.

We look forward to your comments and observations.

Your Condo Board of Directors