Which Mortgage brokers have recently offered financing for Overlook?


How do I pay my assessment?

Assessments should be paid by check made payable to Riverview Overlook Condominiums and mailed to:

Riverview Overlook Condominiums
c/o abacus Property Management, Inc.
P.O. Box 105007
Atlanta, GA  30348-5007


How much is the HOA assessment?

The monthly assessment is fixed at a uniform monthly rate.  The 2015 monthly assessment is fixed at $325.00 per month.

When are assessments due?

Payments are due on the 1st of the month.



We attempt to update the community through our website posts – but a newsletter is generally sent out to homeowners a couple times a year.  Following are the most recent newsletters.

June 23, 2015 – Newsletter

Where is garbage collected?

The garbage collection compactor is located at the intersection of Riverview Crossing and Riverlook.  We share facilities with the Willows and Walton Apartments.


How do I operate the motion sensor light by my front door?

Follow this link “Motion Sensor Lights” for instructions on how to operate the motion sensor lights.

What colors are on the exterior of the buildings?

All paint colors are Sherwin Williams paint colors.

Front Door:         Black Bean
Exterior Trim:     Snow Bound
Gutters:               Linen

  • Saw Dust
    • Walk – 2000-2022, 2114-2136
    • Court – 2138-2160, Poolhouse
    • Xing – 5570-5580, 5668-5690, Mail boxes
  • Portabello (1/2 strength)
    • Walk – 2024-2058, 2090-2112
    • Court – 2186-2208, 2210-2232
    • Xing – 5546-5568, 5590-5610,5636-5666
  • Eclipse
    • Walk – 2060-2082, Mail boxes(2)
    • Court – 2162-2184, Mail boxes
    • Xing – 5612-5634

What product is used for the deck flooring and how do I care for it?

Timber Tech was used on the deck flooring.  Here is a link to their website for care and cleaning instructions.


Where can I get a replacement for the light fixtures?

Front Door Fixture – click Westinghouse-Lighting-Hillside-Exterior- for information about a replacement fixture.  If you are unable to find this fixture contact the management company.

Back Porch or Deck – contact the management company.

Towne Home Fixtures – contact the management company.

Board of Directors

How can I get on the Board of Directors?

Qualified person may request to be put on the ballot or may be nominated at the annual meeting.  Unit owners vote on board members at the annual meeting which is usually held in January.

When do the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors meet every month on the third Thursday of the month.  If you would like to attend a Board of Director’s meeting, please contact us so we can let you know where the meeting is being held that month and if needed, add you to the agenda.

Where can I view the Deed Restrictions, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations for Riverview Overlook?

The Deed Restrictions and Bylaws for The Unit Owners of Riverview Overlook, Inc. are available online on this website or by contacting the Riverview Overlook Board of Directors. Click here for:

Deed Restrictions


Rules and Regulations

Overlook Board of Directors


How do I register?

After completing the registration process, your request must be reviewed by the Riverview Overlook Unit Owners board to confirm that you are a current homeowner.  Once your request has been approved, you will receive an approval email.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is for Owners and will give you access to additional feature not available to the general public.